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About Us

ALASALAH LG is one of the leaders in importing and distributing the latest and most advanced technologies In LG air conditioning & controls. Aiming to gain client satisfaction through the constant efforts of providing them with tailor-made solutions based on top quality products.
LG products are of the leading brands in HVAC systems offering comfort, peace of mind and exceptional standards with the goal of enriching your home, offices and life.

We want to ascertain our heritage and company vision to be well incorporated into our products, solution, and services. Our philosophy is simple. We want to make sure every customer of us feels comfort in our products and services while we also make sure that our business always stands environmentally - friendly through innovative energy, efficient products and services.

Our vision is creating unique that enhance the customer's environment. We will strive to ensure that our customers live in atmosphere free from worry or hassle. Comfort and eco-friendliness are our key values, and we would like to ensure that our innovation always contributes in making the lives of our customers more comfortable in an environmentally sustainable way.

Our innovation contributes to make our customers' lives more comfortable in an environmentally sustainable way. We always seek innovative solution to deliver our core value. Our innovation will serve both end-users as well as our business partners. This means regardless of our products and services they choose and experience, we make it happen; that our core value delivered.