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Al asalah Academy

Al asalah aims to provide a source of modern knowledge and information's for all those concerned with the work of air conditioning and refrigeration, where the science of air conditioning and cooling of Sciences, are important and widespread in recent years. And also provides the specialists in this Domain in recent technology in HVAC systems. Al asalah ACADEMY receives at its various academic courses approximately 750 students annually. LG HVAC courses have been developed for associate members in the various areas of air conditioning and refrigeration for all age groups & levels.

the courses were developed based on scientific basis & criteria, keeping in mind to take a Correct and easy manner and sequence to convey the information in easily, smoothly and clear way, taking into consideration the developments in science, and converging the topics of interest to new entrants, and specialists in this field alike.

The Crew consists of engineers and qualified instructors with extensive experience.

Theoretical lecture halls equipped with modern and practical means E-learning, all rooms are equipped with central air-conditioning summer and winter.

Al asalah ACADEMY Provides continuously, advanced courses For engineers and experienced technicians to keep pace with scientific developments and practical process in this area.

The ACADEMY also Awarded academic certificates from the Ministry of Education, The Ministry of Labor, and JORDAN Vocational Training Corporation Award for graduates of the Academy after passing the necessary tests, a profession Practicing certificates.

Academy offers opportunities for graduates to work directly after graduation:
Within the technical teams of ALASALAH company, Factories of the Middle East Group (MEC), also in the Arab Gulf states under the approved operating agreements , and with the embassies of sister States.