“ We aim to meet the expectations of our stakeholders by achieving smart growth, improving sustainability, and increasing our corporate value through technological strength and outstanding human resources ”


Al-Asalah Group was established with two objectives in mind; the first, to capitalize on advanced technologies in HVAC, PV, and Lighting with offering intelligent systems. The second, to supply the market with cost-effective, energy–saving, environment friendly products.

At Al-Asalah, our top class and qualified engineers collaborate to serve developers, consultants, contractors, architects and interior designers by offering A to Z solutions, design, select, supply, supervise, commission, and maintain HVAC, PV, & Lighting systems on a daily basis to match our client’s needs, thus guaranteeing full customer satisfaction.

Al-Asalah has persisted in implementing our sustainable-development strategies encompassing our operations, the environment and the society.

Sustainable growth with quality has remained as our long-term development goal and we also regard it as a long-standing responsibility to our stakeholders. We have confidence that our business will continue to steadily grow guided by the experience accumulated through navigating previous cycles.

We believe we can reward the strong confidence of our stakeholders with a continued outstanding performance.
The environment is one of Al-Asalah’s major priorities, however since creating a sustainable environment is easier said than done, Al-Asalah has catered to the a pressing need for energy-saving initiatives.

As the leader in the HVAC, PV, and lighting providers we are committed to promoting and implementing green construction with modern technologies. As a result, we possess highly adaptable environmental technologies that save land, energy, water and raw materials resources complemented by indoor environmental technologies and green construction standards.

We have fully endeavored to contribute to society by supporting the government and building affordable prices.

We believe that the smooth progress in implementing the sustainable- development strategies was a result of the cooperation of hundreds of our suppliers. These strategies also provide the foundation for us to continue growing together in different cooperation modes in order to ensure our fairness, transparency, and legality.

Therefore, we believe our sustainable-development strategies over operations, environmental protection and the community will facilitate our steady progress towards our objective of building a prosperous business over the long term, and we will advance together with our customers, shareholders, staff and partners, as well as the communities and cities and achieve a mutually beneficial situation for all.