Our Vision


“ Our creativity, passion, experience and know-how

inspire us to and the best way to meet our customers’ expectation ”


Our philosophy at Al-Asalah Group is to create a unique experience that enhances the customers’ environment. We strive to ensure that comfort and eco-friendliness are the priority.

We believe that our innovation continually contributes in making the lives of our customers more comfortable in an environmentally sustainable way.

Our objective is that regardless of the products and services chosen by our customers, we achieve what is required while ensuring that our core values are delivered.


 Our Mission

 “The single most important thing is to make our customers “feel special”.


Our innovation contributes to make our customers' lives more comfortable in an environmentally sustainable way. We always seek innovative solutions to deliver our services, which serves both end-users as well as our business partners.

Our main goal is to be the main provider of top quality HVAC & Green Tech products, solutions and services in the region, integrated with our highly reputable professional services.