Established in Italy in 1989, the company began its activity with the production of chillers and heat pumps. Then Clivet develops innovative specialized systems based on roof-top units. Water Loop heat pump (WLHP) systems and residential systems.

2016 incorporated strategic alliance with MIDEA Group.

Today, buildings have to deliver an elevated and constant standard of well-being, regardless of the outside conditions.

Not all buildings are alike: depending on their use, there are considerable differences in terms of load intensity, simultaneous requests for hot and chilled water, domestic hot water production and air renewal.

That is why Clivet has created a series of specialized system solutions for applications that meet the specific needs of different buildings by optimizing the overall efficiency in relation to traditional systems (Fan coil Units , chiller, AHU).

Civet’s specialized systems simplify the design and installation work, improve the control of the entire system, reduce the environmental impact and, at the same time, optimize the initial investment, reduce running costs, increasing the building's energy rating and therefore its value on the market.


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